The St. Petersburg of Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Pushkin Memorial Apartment (River Moika, 12, St. Petersburg)

The life of Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837), Russia's most celebrated poet, is inseparable from St. Petersburg where he spent his adolescence, youth and adult years. Here Pushkin met his highs and lows, and here his life came to its tragic end. On this unique tour you will see the palaces, streets and squares connected with the life of the poet and his characters, starting from his very first address on the River Fontanka and up to the sight of his fatal duel at Black River and his last apartment at Moika Embankment. A visit inside Pushkin's apartment is included in the tour.


On this tour you'll be accompanied by one of the best guides in St. Petersburg, a Pushkin scholar and a curator of the National Pushkin Museum.

Dostoyevsky, Life & Work

Fyodor Dostoyevsky Memorial Apartment (Kuznechny Pereulok, 5, St. Petersburg)

During this intriguing tour, you will be drawn into the dramatic life, work and romantic love of Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Following in Dostoyevsky's footsteps around St. Petersburg, you will visit Engineers' Castle where he studied, houses where he lived and worked on his famous novels, the site of the writer's mock execution at Semenovsky Square and then we will take you to the Hay Market Square, the city's oldest existing market square and the core of St. Petersburg's slums in the 19th century.


Dostoyevsky's apartment


The tour takes you inside Dostoyevsky's last apartment at Kuznechny Pereulok, 5, just beyond the market where the writer lived during the last years of his life and where he wrote "The Brothers Karamazov". The apartment is surprisingly cheerful and comfortable and provides an intimate perspective on the artist's life. Dostoyevsky died of a throat haemorrhage while making an entry in his diary and the clock in his study was stopped at the exact time of his death - 8.38 pm, January 28, 1881. The Museum Literary exhibition offers a fascinating and detailed account of Dostoyevsky's life and creative work, and the tour includes a visit to the active Vladimirskaya Church, where the burial service for the writer took place.


Dostoyevsky's St. Petersburg


This part of our tour includes a 30 min walk throughout Dostoyevsky's actual literary landscape, haunted by the characters of his novel "Crime and Punishment". You will follow the "murder route" from Raskolnikov's house to the house of the Pawn Broker to discover that little has changed during the last one-and-a-half centuries. Throughout your visit you will meander through the marvelous maze of backstreets and yards of this sprawling stage set that is St. Petersburg - a city that itself is one of the main characters of Dostoyevsky's famous novels. The tour fittingly ends at the atmosphere of Alexander Nevsky Monastery cemetery and Dostoevsky's grave.

Virginia Woolf once said: "The novels of Dostoyevsky are seething whirlpools, gyrating sandstorms, waterspouts which hiss and boil and suck us in. They are composed purely and wholly of the stuff of the soul. Against our wills we are drawn in, whirled round, blinded, suffocated, and at the same time filled with a giddy rapture."


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